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In many roll to roll manufacturing lines, such as in the paper roll industry, a thin film of paper or plastic material is fed through rollers. These rollers apply heat and/or pressure on the material, affecting the final physical and mechanical properties of the film. The contact area and pressure between the rollers (nip width) needs to be uniform across the rollers' length. Out of balance rollers can result in films of different thickness / density / properties across their surface and therefore poor yields and a significant downtime until the manufacturing problem is rectified. 

Our Nip Width Balancing system consists of multiple sensor strips, placed across the rollers. The strips can sense the contact area and force applied on them while the data is visualized on your computer in real time. The operator can quickly balance the rollers using a highly interactive graphical tool, restoring the high yields and minimizing the down-time with our fast and easy to use system. 

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